Feb 7, 2009

Look Who Fluttered Back Into Town

WARNING: This is a long post with a tad bit too much whining and please pardon the blurry photos. My camera sucks, but I’ve got to work with what I have.
I must begin by saying…you know how you start something, but it’s not quite turning out how you want it to, but you want to finish. So you kinda fudge your way to the finish line in order to say its done. Well…that’s kinda what I did with this.

There were two reasons to make this treat box: (1) My hubby asked me to make something for a co-worker that was returning from maternity leave…sort of a welcome back acknowledgement (2) I have wanted to produce something other than a card and I thought this treat box was the perfect thing.

My hubby’s respect and appreciation has grown for my paper crafts - so much too the point that he's asking me to do things for his friends, family, co-workers, etc. He’s really aware of the power of handmade items…especially for the recipient. Anyway, I just had to share that because it just warms my heart when he shows interest in what I’m doing. Gotta Love the Man and I do!

Moving right along…
I first saw this Ghirardelli® Box template on SCS, but I refer to it as a treat box, because I used Russell Stover’s square chocolates instead. The candy I used is thicker than Ghirardelli so I could only put 2 candies in the box instead of the 4 shown in the SCS tutorial. No big deal.

I alluded earlier that this box didn’t turn out with desired results. I’ll tell you why…When I scored my cardstock, I got overzealous. What do I mean? I mean the score lines were so deep that when I folded the cardstock, which was very thick (part of my overzealousness), the paper began to tear - specifically on the flap. Now what? I had to add DP on the top of the flap…not originally planned, but it kept the flap from tearing off. I could go on with the other mishaps with this lil’ creation, but why bore you any more.

But I’ve gotta share one more thing. I didn't want to create a card, the whole reason for the treat box, but I needed something to add a message - so I thought I was being ingenious by just adding a lil' note card to the front of the box…again not originally planned.
The good and funny thing about this is that I came up with the outside sentiment and my hubby came up with the inside sentiment. As you can tell from the pic, my hubby is a smarty pants just like me. Anyway, back to my complaints. I create the note card and adhere to the box….TA DA…the note won’t stay closed! What’s a girl to do? It was late and I was tired, I just added a lil’ piece of Velcro. VOILA!!! The note closes.

Alright, I’m really done complaining now, because in the end, my hubby thought it was perfect…and the bestest (I know this is not a word, but it’s so fitting) part…the co-worker loved it.

All this complaining has made me tired. If you made it this far in reading, I know you are tired of reading my rant. So, I'll do us both a favor and stop...for now.

‘til I craft again or have something to say…

~Stuff Used~
Technique: Ghirardelli Box Template; Paper: DP (DCWV), White Printer Paper,(Georgia-Pacific), Heavy Brown and Red CS (Hobby Lobby); Accessories: Red Line Tape, Foam Tape, Scoring Tool, Velcro, Missed Your Exit (www.kevinandamanda.com), Kabel BK PT(Microsoft), Green Butterfly Punch (Marvy), Pink Scalloped Square Punch (Marvy), Crystal Fine Glitter (Martha Stewart), Candy (Russell Stovers)


Stamp and Smile said...

This treat box is totally AWESOME!! Such jazzy colors, and I was laughing pretty hard on your "Whining" part... laughing WITH you that it! :) I {{LOVE}} the smarty pants twist you and the hubby came up with... that is so cool you two!! (I just chuckled reading the inside of the note card.) FUN!!! You put another smile on my face again... TFS!!!

Anonymous said...

Good idea with the box. I love the note on the inside. Great job to both of you.


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